06 November 2014


"We create the cities we love, and the cities we love create us." I'm a huge fan of the premise behind the GOOD Cities Project, and I'm beyond excited that my friend Josh Cogan was tapped to represent DC in GOOD's five-month-long exploration of how to live meaningfully (and creatively) across the United States.

Josh is one of the most talented human beings I know, and to hear him speak about his work as a photographer and anthropologist is inspiring, to say the least. I'm beyond honored and humbled every time I get to work on a project with him, and when he invited me to take part in this shoot I basically jumped out my window and floated up to Sweet Magnolia Farms, his backyard H A V E N in the middle of the city. I spent a full day in September pulling from his and his girlfriend Halle's amazing collection of textiles, furniture, and e p h e m e r a to arrange and layer onto their already unreal photogenic home, helping create the backdrop not only for the video + interview, but for an evening gathering of friends within the DC creative community (and here is where I will refrain from launching into a thousand glowing words about everyone involved and about the DC creative community as a whole, but I do promise to circle back and bore you with it at another, TBD time).

I can't say enough about how magical the evening was, and how hugely appreciative I was (and am!) for the opportunity to contribute in my own small way to such a cool and – I think – important project. A few snaps from the night are below, and truly, if you have a few minutes to dive into the video above, it's well worth the watch.


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