07 November 2014


one. ^^^ Departures + Arrivals at Tomboy Style: ICONS, ALL. Also style-related, ANTHOM's new lookbook was released this week and it's a stunner. Sweater-y goodness.

two. My annual switch from white to red wine has occurred; the streets will soon flood with the massive amounts of Pinot Grigio the wine industry was expecting me to consume. Arm yourself with a canoe and a crazy straw and read up: Red Wine is the Drink of Choice on Scandal and The Good Wife (via NYT Dining, and please click the Cougar Town link); sommelier Whitney AdamsMonthly Wine Pick, at The Kitchy Kitchen.

three. So excited to have had November's NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS mail out on Monday! With contributions from illustrators Lauren Tamaki and Hannah Dean, writer Casey Weir, and graphic design witch Jourdan Betette, you can check it here and subscribe here.

Have an amazing weekend! I'm getting geared up for a few big projects, including a giant, neon-colored geometric string installation going up next week for maaaj DC food event, The EmporiYUM. Here's to naps and Netflix until Monday strikes – see you then!




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