01 December 2014


It's December, and that is w i l d to me for a million different reasons – mostly because 2014 has been the sort of year that between career and projects and AMOUNT LEARNED, rendered 2013 just about unrecognizable.

December 1 seems an EXCELLENT date to re-assess last year's resolutions (if only to see what, if anything, I gotta h u s t l e on to make happen in the remainder of the year); while I mapped out a few to-do's January, I kept it to myself that I was committing big-time to making Panda Head Blog more of a destination and resource, both for other creatives and for myself.

I made a conscious decision to practice + invest time in + just generally GET BETTER at photography, and so this year Panda Head took a turn for the v i s u a l . I'm proud that Panda Head features 99% original imagery, and the OFF CAMERA feature is one I always look forward to sharing.

Also new to 2014? My using this blog as a place to SKILL-SHARE. An extension of having finally gotten comfortable with declaring myself a Person Who Knows How To Do Things (legitimized in my own brain by a growing list of creative consulting clients, and by teaching Topaz + Arrow on a monthly basis), I introduced the How Do You Do series, and I've really enjoyed this having fallen into place as a weekly feature. Bouncing around between food, career, decor, and most things in between, its styling, photography, and production adds up to one of my favorite ongoing projects.

This year also saw the continuation of other series – Kitchen Sink and Workspace, namely, and blah blah blah, I know I know I knowwww! This has been the longest intro of all time. Let's get into it – below, links to each of the most read (and/or my own personal favorites) from January through June (with July through December coming next week) – click through for behind the scenes 411 on each, after the jump!

J A N U A R Y : This month saw the launch of How Do You Do, and this post in particular I was proud to submit and have featured on Apartment Therapy (it was subsequently eaten alive in the comments section, but it's a trophy I hold dear NONETHELESS).

F E B R U A R Y : one of my fave WALLPAPER posts, featuring accompanying images from the Design*Sponge tour of DC I put together with my dear ones Emily and Elizabeth.

M A R C H : In which we tackle WALL DECOR.

A P R I L : I'm excited to dive back into the Kitchen Sink Series in 2015, and this year's offerings were always sheer j o y to receive in my inbox. April saw food blogger Molly Yeh's Minnesota farm sink, the 20th in the series!

M A Y : I started integrating a recipe focus into the How Do You Do series (and in just a few months from I'd buy a new camera lens, making these sort of posts even more fun for me to work on).

J U N E : the One Track Mind series started a few months prior, but this might have been my fave, warm weather dose of INSPIRATION STATION in 2014.




Blogger James! said...

You are such a brave blogger, Morgan. Accepting something getting featured and then eaten alive in the comments section would be devastating to anyone with less than iron-clad resolve. It's a good lesson for us all to post things that we like or believe in and be ok if not everyone agrees with us. I can absolutely learn a valuable leasing from that parenthetical alone!

I love looking back at the year with you and reading your reflections on your growth. It's inspiring as usual! :)

(I know I sent this to you as a message on FB, but I just figured out how to make the comment publish!)

11:43 PM  

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