09 December 2014


I'm proud to say that this back half of the year was when producing blog content became a more natural extension of my day – which is how it should be, right? My main M I S S I O N , re: Panda Head, is to show the process and practice of a creative lifestyle (mine, mostly), and once that really sank in, I began to see content opportunities e v e r y w h e r e . From dinner to music and things I've collected, it often became less of a question of what to post than what maybe wasn't going to make it into this space.

I also made a point to bring a little more of my everyday into this space – which meant way more OFF CAMERA imagery of friends, family, weekends, and ME. Hi! It's been really nice seeing you.

The best of Panda Head: 2014 Part 1 is here, and below, links to some of my favorite posts from July through December (with a bit more about each, after the jump)!

J U L Y : there was a lot to dive into this month (zucchini and two mini-vacations among them), but I had to shout out Marleigh Culver's amazing WALLPAPER. I found her work via Instagram and got in touch; her hand-painted background lived on my laptop for just about forever.

A U G U S T : I visited San Francisco's Flora Grubb Gardens and General Store while there for a wedding – and came back with visuals for days/years/eons.

S E P T E M B E R : tucked in amongst Workspaces and How Do You DOs, SUPER LAZY FALL STEEZ struck a chord.

O C T O B E R : Tahini Mustard Brussels Sprouts! I was stoked to have this featured by The Feedfeed over Thanksgiving week.

N O V E M B E R : and more of that good green: a roasted celery spread that totally changed my mind, re: celery. Another post I really enjoyed putting together this month? The career-reflective ON VISUALS.

D E C E M B E R : whether I've shared entire albums or my current playlists, the SOUNDTRACK posts have been a fave over the course of the year. December's has been on extra repeat.




Blogger by BUN said...

love your blog....and cheers to what's ahead in 2015!

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