26 January 2015


I've been making every attempt to eat locally and seasonally, but ya know, sometimes you're dying for a milkshake situation, and the best you can come up with is a  s m o o t h i e , maybe organic. Or not even. Whatever.

I've been partying on Into The Gloss's c A r I b e recipe since this Summer; it's one of those awesome non-recipe recipes that you can basically throw whatever into and it works. My current version is pretty basic: a frozen banana, a date or two, cacao, almond milk and peanut butter (I'm usually an almond butter kid, but almond milk + almond butter feels like an almond overload, no?) and whatever's left, room temp, from the morning's french press. In the past I've thrown in spinach, used figs, and gone all  c h i a  on it, too.

But back to "whatever" – I've had a cuckoo sweet tooth lately and made the decision to NOT feel bad about buying a bag of dark chocolate chips to integrate into this otherwise fairly healthy smoothie; what I *do* feel bad about is my having eaten the rest of the bag over the course of the following two nights but C'EST LA FUCKING VIE.

Banana + Coffee Cacao Smoothie

1 large Banana, sliced and frozen
6 oz Almond Milk
1 tsp Raw Cacao
1-2 oz Coffee, chilled or at room temp
1 spoonful PB (or Almond Butter)
1 large Date, pitted and chopped
Raspberries, Coconut, and Chocolate Chips to top.

1. Blend the banana in a food processor until it turns into "ice cream" (if you haven't done this before, it will blow your grade-school-science-fair M I N D).
2. Add remaining ingredients and blend, then top with the other stuff.


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Blogger emily said...

I made this for breakfast yesterday and it was AWESOME!!!

5:29 PM  
Anonymous obat asam urat said...

Thank you. interesting to try

3:55 AM  

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