20 January 2015


Last month I was so happy to host a  L O C A L  D I N N E R  P A R T Y  with my friends Emily and Dalila; we hucked the furniture out of my living room, set up a few folding tables (and decorated them with canvas dropcloths, greenery clippings, and terrariums + mercury glass from West Elm DC), and invited a group of friends (or people we wanted to be friends with) from the DC creative community A T  L A R G E  to a potluck dinner.

Local farm-to-front door delivery service From the Farmer was amazingly generous as to send boxes of fresh, locally grown food to invitees a few days prior to the dinner, and beyond Dalila's Portobello Mushroom Paté, Emily's Salted Butter Apple Galette, and my Celery Parmesan Spread, our guests incorporated their local + seasonal ingredients into their own dishes and brought along some amazing, on-theme additions to the meal, including gelato from Dolcezza, DC Brau beer, and pickles by way of Gordy's. We also worked with our neighborhood wine shop, DeVino's, on red + white pairings for night – needless to say, they absolutely contributed to an overall g o o d  t i m e .

If nothing else, the dinner served as an excellent reminder of how simple it can be to gather – run a vacuum, zhuzh the house, and ask people to contribute – and also that Winter gatherings s t a r t with the holidays – not end. And not to get all cheesy, but the night was kind of E V E R Y T H I N G in terms of awesome vibes and excellent company. I'm thinking of making some version of this a monthly(ish) thing to celebrate the A Creative DC project. I SEE YOU, FEBRUARY.




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Let's make a dinner together!

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