05 March 2015


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I mentioned last week that I was heading to the Slide B Art Show over the weekend; held at the Emergence Community Arts Collective just off Georgia Avenue, the group show featured a mix of young DC talent, including Franklin Thompson (Apt 50, pictured above) and Mark Custer, both of whom were name-checked in the very first A Creative DC feature by their frequent collaborator Kevin Wilson. I was so glad I got to stop by – DIY, one night only, and featuring some seriously amazing work (how sick are those MERIMART pieces?), I was in and out early and so experienced the real  e n e r g y  of the night way vicariously, and through Instagram. There was a ton of imagery surrounding the event, and I especially loved the portrait series that Eduardo Escamilla (@edscam) tagged to the #aCreativeDC feed – Eduardo, thanks for sharing these!

I was able to catch up with a few of the artists, attendees, and the night's organizer, God Zeus, about how the show came about, where to catch their work next, and Apt 50's upcoming "Carry Out Tour."

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Merima Repesa, artist: The curator of the show, Zeus, asked me to display work months ago after following me on Instagram for some time...This is my 3rd small-time local exhibit/show and I'm looking into more that have the atmosphere I want my work to be in. I'm trying my best to only put out work with a lot of substance and strive to be the area's strongest and [most] consistent conceptual artist. Merimart.com; @merimart

God Zeus, curator: This show came together because I was networking a lot on Twitter, just DMing people I follow who posted pictures of their art and things like that. One of the artists I know because my younger brother had made an internet mix on Soundcloud with her, and we just started talking from there, All the other artists I have met recently and we talked and they all said this was something that they would be interested in...I wanted to use this art show as a way for people to get to know them and see the potential that I see in them.

I was honestly surprised at the turn out. I like to make people feel comfortable at all times, and I wanted to use this opportunity for a lot of things. My youngest brother is a DJ, DJ Spizzledoe, and this was his first time performing live. I wanted the artists to gain better exposure...[and] I also wanted this to be a genuine social gathering. People have lost that touch on the importance of real, genuine social interaction, and I was trying to show that social interaction is cool and it feels good to network and just connect with people. There were over 200 people who were in attendance. If you didn't take the opportunity to meet new people, then I feel like I did something wrong...This was my first time using this space, and I believe it was ideal for an art show with that type of crowd and enough room for people to dance and laugh and do whatever they feel comfortable doing. fuckgodzeus.tumblr.com; @godzeusxx

Franklin Thompson, artist: I showed my first solo exhibition [at ECAC] in March of 2014. Later on in the year [collaborator] Samera Paz organized the Outlet Therapy Nothing Show which took place [there] in November of 2014. I'm currently taking pictures and finding inspiration while in NY. It's currently snowing so I'm finding a lot of different types of whites and tans. I'll be back soon. The Carry Out Tour [an upcoming, traveling DIY group show - ed] starts on the 28th of March here in DC. I've partnered up with my homie Stüpido (Santiago) and collaborated on a few pieces for this tour, After DC we're hitting NY, Chicago, and then Pittsburgh. apt50.bigcartel.com;@apt_50

Eduardo Escamilla, photographer/attendee: My friend Eugene had posted a flier about the event. I got in touch with him as soon as I saw it...I'm usually interested in any event that's about art. The show was pretty amazing, props to [God Zeus] for organizing and giving artists the opportunity to showcase their artwork. I spend a lot of time in DC...DC is a place that offers a lot of opportunities. I'm always looking for new places and new angles to shoot, but for the past couple of weeks I've been caught up with work and some new projects that I'm working on. edscam.tumblr.com; @edscam

Slide B Art Show flyer
donate to the ECAC here.
intro images mine; all other images by Eduardo Escamilla
(from the top: "Cynthia, Kiatrey, Sour_Moon, Merima, Mark")
additional artists from the lineup included PTYRX, David Linton, and Eunice Quintanilla.




Blogger curtis03 Lewis said...

That wall art is eye catching. The artists did wonderful work. My son is a God gifted artist. He is just 13 years old and has won various art competitions. Currently he is preparing for the upcoming show at gallery space for rent NYC venue.

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