24 March 2015


In attempt to combat BUSY, I've been making myself slow down a little bit in the mornings. There's usually a chunk of the week that involves early coffee + breakfast meetings, and those days are/always will be a mad rush (I've made a solemn vow to myself to never leave the house again without having spent time with an eyebrow pencil; my socks may not match but I WILL try to show up with fleeky eyebrow game). Other days, though, I've got some leeway.

My client work usually doesn't start until around lunchtime, and I'm able to spend mornings on A Creative DC, on Panda Head blog posts, and attempting to catch up on email; I'd be lying if I said these hours were always relaxed (ever. I'd be lying if I said they were ever relaxed), but I've noticed that the rest of my day goes way better if I make myself a POWER BOSS breakfast.

It varies each time but involves whatever vegetables are currently living in the fridge (the kale and mushrooms, on this particular day, came from Each Peach), egg whites, and some sort of apple + peanut or almond butter combo (an aside: the bulk of the damage to that jar of Big Spoon Roasters was done spoonful by spoonful, sans apple vessel. It's that good). See also: COFFEE, and if we've got it, a juice sitch. There's a handful of amazing juice companies worth supporting in DC right now so I'll rotate depending on what neighborhood I'm in when I've got the urge to grab; that green-green a few images up is just straight cucumber juice from Purée.

Lunch doesn't always happen, and while I'm slowly attempting to become one of those snack ladies whose tote bag overfloweth with almonds and the like, a lot of times ^^^ will need to get me through til like 8PM, and frankly, IT DOES. That said, Bizarro Morgan is big into smoothie bowls (I MEAN) and stable blood sugar levels. DARE TO DREAM.




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