19 March 2015


Excited to share a few images by the women of Contrario Collective – I have the pleasure of sharing a studio with one of its founders (Victoria Milko) and count a few more of them as friends; launched with the intent of providing "a constructive space for [its members] to get together, talk shop, share & critique each others' work, and just enjoy each other's company without the pretense of competition," (-V.Milko) I'm hyped on the positivity behind the effort and am all for women supporting women (and men and women and men and let's all just hold hands when we're not using said hands to applaud each other, yes?).

Their inaugural show – An Evening With Contrario Collective – is tonight at the Ulysses Room, and they'll be hosting events and collaborating with other photographers, groups and collectives in the city on a regular basis. For more on the project visit ContrarioCollective.com, and keep up with the project via Instagram here.

image credits: Emma McAlary, Farrah SkeikyNoe TodorovichVictoria Milko, and Katie Fielding.




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Love these images!

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