31 March 2015


I threatened a new profile photo the other week and in all honesty, it had gotten kind of weird logging on to Panda Head and seeing a pre-2.0 version of myself in the sidebar. The need for new pics coincided with having received a bunch of organic Gabriel Cosmetics courtesy Whole Foods, and so my sister, my friend Brenna, my niece (that's her little paw up there in the blush) and I had a pow-wow at my studio over the weekend. Brenna worked her magic (even pulling in paintbrushes from our supply shelves) and helped me put together something pretty but like, SWEATSHIRT APPROPRIATE; srsly, the pigments were kind of amazing (and since it was all organic it was totally fine when Aurora pulled a real three-year-old move and applied lipstick all over her face-zone). After reading this I'm kind of wondering why my whole eat local/eat clean vibes haven't quite made their way towards all the other things that go on/in this temple.

Big thanks to Whole Foods + Gabriel Cosmetics for the PROFILE PIC ASSISTANCE – all photos above by Cortney Hungerford. Makeup by MUA and hair stylist Brenna Powers. Head by my bed but color by Scissor & Comb Salon (opening in May in Takoma Park). IT TAKES A VILLAGE, amirite?




Anonymous Maria Fyodorova said...

You should check out The Story of Cosmetics by the same people who did The Story of Stuff. http://storyofstuff.org/movies/story-of-cosmetics/

4:06 PM  
Blogger Susannah Compton said...

Yes, what Maria said above... and then read No More Dirty Looks (the book) and check the NMDL blog for non toxic alternatives that kick the ass of conventional makeup & skincare. Gabriel Cosmetics is a fantastic choice, but girl wait until I introduce you to Ilia Beauty, Kjaer Weis, W3ll People, Alima Pure, Vapour Organic Beauty, RMS Beauty and on and on. Can you tell this subject is close to my little green <3 ?

6:25 PM  

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