17 April 2015


THIS WEEK/NEXT WEEK is a short + sweet, all-quadrants look at what went down and what's coming up in the city (and general links of interest to the creative communities at large), pulled from what Y-O-U are tagging to the #aCreativeDC feed + beyond. 
FOOD + STUFF. From the #aCreativeDC feed: love the new patio table (tagged by @furcafe) at Meats & Foods by Kelly Towles; above, THAT SAUSAGE THO.

AND THIS WEATHER THO. Farmer's Market season kicked off for the Mount Pleasant neighborhood last week (and starts in Brookland tomorrow – see below). For a full list of DC Farmer's Markets click here (that published in 2014, so double-chee before you leave the house) – go get your 80º Saturday, guys. SUNSHINE STATE.

RE: BROOKLAND. The Bike Rack & Filter Coffee spot opens Saturday on the Arts Walk at the Monroe Street Market; it coincides with the first Historic Brookland Farmer's Market of the year. If you're heading over that day you should swing through Wild Hand! We're having an open house at the studio from 9:30 – 1:30 and would love to see you there.

STAND TALL. Public speaking tips + interview advice via The Coveteur: "Never apologize in an interview for skills you are still learning, just say you are still learning because most people are.” Word.

MUSIC. Ayescold dropped The Freezer Vol. 2, and you can Get To Know HIGHWAY Magazine at WAMU's bandwidth.

END OF THE ROAD + ONE NIGHT ONLY. Just a few more weeks to catch "Confluence: Considering the Anacostia" at Vivid Solutions Gallery (four photographers capturing different viewpoints of the Anacostia River) + on Sunday night Hierarchy DC is open for GLOSSRAGS' one year anniversary (with live-painting by @somewearmasks).

MORE GOOD TIMES: The Impossible Cool nailed it this week with a one, two punch: Sam Cooke and Jack Nicholson.




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