22 April 2015


It had been a (long) while since Emily Hilliard, Elizabeth Graeber and I worked on a project together ("working on projects" is really just code/excuse for hanging out, with the added bonus of guaranteed documentation of what has historically been some really lovely time spent). We came together a few weeks ago to share lunch, take some photos, and just generally catch up. Emily's work as a folklorist and writer keeps her busy and traveling, and Elizabeth is a mega-talented illustrator whose output puts the term "prolific" to shame. It's rare that our three schedules are able to overlap, and I'm always grateful when they do. This is the truest thing I've read all day, and whether that's fortunate or unfortunate is up in the air.

We knew we wanted to share a meal, and the weather had been begging for light lunches and colorful veggies. After consulting with our friends at Whole Foods P Street, we landed on a simple salmon recipe (drizzled with olive oil + layered with lemon slices and red onion, flecked with sea salt, and roasted at 350º until just cooked through), served over raw chard and with generous amounts of Good Food Award-winning Gordy's Sweet Pepper Relish.  ^^^ That gorgeous filet ^^^ was wild caught, and got all of us excited for Whole Foods' Fresh Salmon Season, which starts in May. See also: radishes and fresh butter, with ALL the sea salt.

Between the company, the meal, Elizabeth's hand-painted menu, and – MY GOD – Emily's incredible, Rose's Luxury-inspired Spring Pea Cake with Lemon Buttercream, we were more than glad we made the time, and are already planning a Summer lunch sesh to follow up. I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD.

Big thank you to Whole Foods P Street
Emily's Nothing In The House
Elizabeth's Food on Paper Shop


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