07 April 2015


I was just telling a friend the other night that I'd been having a hard time mining blog content from my day-to-day – I'm usually so into documenting my MINUTIAE, but I've been heavy focused on work and projects and that hasn't left a lot of time for L E I S U R E . And by leisure I mean appreciation.

My intention with Panda Head Blog is to show one perspective of what a creative lifestyle looks like here in DC, and it also serves as my own personal diary. I'm lucky to work on creative-based projects + strategy – mine and others – all day long, but the ins and outs of that aren't always what I'm stoked to feature here. Fifty years from now I don't want to look back on the emails and the meetings and the invoices and the BLERGH, but for better or worse I'm head over heels for the mundane and the simple, and it's when I'm NOT running on full cylinders that I'm able to take the time to get all hearts-eyes-emoji when I look around. I don't write about ALL of it – for every 1/4 lb of gorgeous + visually-slaying tatsoi bolts I bring home from the farmer's market, there are infinite moments that may be less attractive to my camera, but no less important to my MINDSET. Like when Mitchell and I accidentally stay up til 2AM on a random Tuesday, careening down a rabbit hole of Guns & Roses videos on YouTube, and when I set aside 45 minutes, midday the next Saturday, to tackle the three feet of laundry that's built up on my LAUNDRY CHAIR (humming Patience throughout, because JESUS. So good).

But back to those tatsoi bolts. They're the most photogenic of the aforementioned, sure, but they're also a conveniently perfect analogy for MOMENTS APPRECIATED. Picked just after "bolting" (flowering) and available during a tiny little window of time in the Spring, these are a smoke 'em while you got 'em kind of green. Grown sustainably at Tree & Leaf Farm in Unionville, Virginia, I tried them raw under the Tree & Leaf tent, and had them home for barely two minutes before I pulled out my camera; skillet.

A big dash of olive oil and a shallot; a few turns over medium heat and a toss with with mustard, yogurt, lemon juice and sea salt, posts like these are less about having made lunch and more about having stepped back and STRAIGHT CHILLED with myself. I wanna be old and going through my archives and remembering that after I shot this I took a nap with the windows open, and that it was warm but windy and our sheer curtains were blowing in and around and that I slept until dinner. I'll look at the colored pencil scrawls on the butcher paper in that fourth photo from the top and remember that my niece stayed over the night before. I'll know that I stood on a chair to shoot the overheads, and that in all likelihood my dog was side-eying me from her spot on the couch, a spot where she is very much Not Allowed to Be, but you know, right now she's fourteen and I don't think she'll be here this time next year. So YOLO. Get your couch on, kitten. And how I, at this moment, have a mild sense of fear that this will be one of those posts that I edit ad nauseam once it goes live, because it's loose and scattered and maybe won't make sense tomorrow, but how I hit publish anyways because this, right now, is what real life feels like in my brain. And I'm into it.


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Blogger Susannah Compton said...

I been walking the streets at night, just tryin' to get it right ... GnR 4ever

You're a phenomenal writer. Don't edit ad nauseam. This post made me get all kinds of emotional. So real.

11:59 AM  
Blogger pacmij said...

REALLY great post, morgs :)

2:20 PM  

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