24 April 2015


photos Morgan H. West, at Nomad Yard. pictured: @AbstractRain
ATTENTION, SHOPPERS. Some Saturday options for ya, each different from the last: fresh coconuts + DJs at the gathering at Nomad Yard, tres/way chic vibes at the outdoor Georgetown French Market, and the ever-funky Takoma Park Art Hop are all happening this weekend. Choose your own adventure.

READ UPIt's A Restaurant, It's a Boutique, It's an experiment in Crowd-Funded Real Estate. The Fundrise x Maketto story at The Atlantic's Citylab.

BROCCOLI CITY FESTIVAL is this weekend (and so is the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Only one of the two will involve the Smith children). Great lineup of marketplace vendors + local art/artists curated by BL_NK WORLD; see also: the Smith children. Tickets here.

EVEN MORE MUSIC STUFF. Got some great local + touring band giveaways coming up in the next few weeks courtesy 9:30 Club– stay tuned to A Creative DC on Instagram to winnnnn.

IT'S BEEN A LITTLE QUIET on both the Panda Head and A Creative DC fronts this week – gearing up for a big announcement in the next week or so, and couldn't be more thrilled to share. STAY TUNED, and enjoy the weekend!




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