05 May 2015


It is with unbelievable excitement and pride and ALL OF THE FEELINGS that the A Creative DC project has made the move from Panda Head Blog to its own little island of a website – www.aCreativeDC.com. Content-driven and reflective of creative life in DC at large, I'm thrilled/floored/raring-to-go after having made the online element official, and there's a ton to explore on the new site, with way-way-way more coming soon. You can read all about the R E L A U N C H on the A Creative DC blog.

And so welcome back to Panda Head. If you've been following for ten minutes or for the last nine years, it's likely apparent that this is an ever-evolving online space. It started out in 2006 as Washington, DC's first street style blog, took a detour to support the arts, creativity, and collaboration-focused Panda Head Magazine from 2008-2012, and from there became a lifestyle blog (with an arts newsletter on the side), detailing and documenting my life, work, and projects as a self-employed DC artist + consultant.

I'm grateful to this readership for supporting the last four months of A Creative DC as part of this site, and I'm proud and appreciative beyond words that the new project found its legs (and then some). I'm excited to get back to using this space to showcase what my own life looks like here, as my team and I do our best to wave that flag for the city at large through the various A Creative DC avenues, both online and – eventually – in real life.

If you're reading this, thank you. I don't quite have the words to tell you how much, and so I'm going to keep this shorter and sweeter than is my usual steez. From the bottom of my heart – thank you.


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way to go!!

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