19 May 2015


Emily and I found an afternoon, a few weekends ago, to MAKE GOOD on getting together more often – the weather was amazing, she'd made a GALETTE, and I'd found myself with a collection of spirits by Art in the Age and a ton of peonies courtesy Whole Foods; really, there was no reason not to combine forces and throw ourselves a little party.

re: galette – how insanely gorgeous did that turn out? Emily is a baked goods genius and the recipe is up at her Nothing In The House blog. If you found your way here from there then I believe you were promised cocktail recipes, and so I'll skip the part where I go on and on about that cornmeal crust situation and get directly to the SNAP and ROOT portions of this exercise.

I'd first tried Art in the Age last Summer, at Mutiny's dinner on the C&O Canal. Their spirits are right up my alley – H E R B A L and in need of very little nudges: a simple syrup here; a citrus addition there – they're perfecto for the purposes of Summer entertaining, and Emily and I mixed + chilled both a SNAP + ginger beer and a ROOT Old Fashioned, to which we added a little whiskey and some homemade cardamom bitters she had on hand (because she's Emily, and things like that just exist in her refrigerator). We hung outside for as long as our allergies would allow (#nerds) and moved things indoor to C H E E R S all things Spring, and to Art in the Age and Whole Foods P Street for giving us such a lovely afternoon. More with Emily next month!


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Anonymous Rachel said...

how fun, and yummy too!!

4:42 PM  
Blogger emily said...

You're the best! xo

4:48 PM  

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