26 May 2015


I LOVE A THREE DAY WEEKEND. Sunday is Saturday and Monday is Sunday and it all makes Tuesday one giant nightmare, but having that extra day is like the most ultimate sort of daylight savings/extra hours bonanza. And so this past Sunday, with all my client work shuffled to the latter part of the coming week and nothing to do but go H.A.M. on everything I'd brought home from the Dupont Farmer's Market that morning, making stuffed squash blossoms for lunch seemed like a totally reasonable undertaking.

I emphasize that whole wild-expanse-of-time thing not because these are insanely time-consuming, but because they require an  e f f o r t  that, compared to what usually goes down in my kitchen, feels indulgent. You guys know me. I'm in the roast it/salt it/keep it simple camp, but after exhortations to STUFF IT came through my Instagram feed the last time I scored blossoms, I couldn't deny that STUFFING IT was a totally brilliant idea. And so this trip to the Farmer's Market included a stop at Blue Ridge Dairy Co. (for their ricotta, which, for the record, is INSANE) as well as at the Spring Valley Farm & Orchard tent for the blossoms. They had both the male and female variety, and I snagged the L A D I E S so we could skillet up the zucchini as part of the dish.

The ricotta seriously could have just gone in on its own (it bears repeating: we're obsessed with Blue Ridge and their burrata is what my dreams are made of) but I stirred in a spoonful of tahini and some cumin, lemon juice, red pepper flakes, and a little olive oil before filling the flowers. The hand/eye coordination involved in getting the mixture into the blossoms was mildly traumatic but we all made it through; it's a delicate operation and I recommend using the tiniest little spoon in your drawer.

Once the filling is in (and btw, it took about a half cup for six blossoms, with room enough for "tasting" as you go), these are otherwise easy – a little olive oil, onion, and the sliced zucchini in the skillet, medium-hi sizzling heat all the way through, and just a few minutes of eyes-and-hands-on flower rotation (I was a little scared to walk away from these guys once they were IN SKILLET). They made for a ridiculously fancy little lunch; A++ WOULD STUFF AGAIN.


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