15 June 2015


from the top: scenes from last month's sweetlife festival – I had a blast shooting this, and in the process was reminded that SENSIBLE FOOTWEAR is one of the keys to outdoor survival. Day one I wore CUTE BOOTS. Day two? Nikes + Aleve. WORTH IT! A few of my images on the sweetgreen Insta: here, here, and here.

I emptied my backpack for CULTURESCENE. Check it!

Camera-creepin' on Jake Gyllenhall at the D.C. Greens fundraiser, and on Carolina Herrera at the Vogue Magazine-hosted opening of her new City Center boutique.

A "detour" from NYC to D.C. with Loud Boyz, and a scene from the Fantastic Planet show in Mt. Rainier.

How amazing is this woman? #OBSESSED. More photos from last week's RAMMY Awards are up at BYT.

sweetgreen Chef Michael Stebner + some V. H Y P E D kids (taken during a sweetgreen in schools field trip to Schlagel Farms), and gelato-sandwich insanity by (Dolcezza Gelato's Violeta Edelman) at last night's James Beard Foundation Sunday Supper, celebrating Women in Culinary Leadership.

Hope your last few weeks have been A M A Z E ! It's stupid hot in the city but we're sludging along (gelato sammies help) – and I'm excited to have a little more of a handle on the ballet that is running two sites. There's a ton in store both here and over at A Creative DC this Summer, so if you're not already newsletter-subscribed, oh please! TAKE THE PLUNGE. XO.


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Blogger http://www.ninjaessays.org/ said...

People there are having fun in the clubs, dancing around, enjoying; greta to see that. You have one chance to live so make the best of it by enjoying as much as you can.

6:58 AM  

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