02 July 2015


I've been spending so much time lately, re: A Creative DC, thinking about communities and connections; empowerment and forward momentum. The older I get the more I am starting to embrace the fact that I am a hippie of the KUMBAYA variety; the longer I've been in business for myself the more strongly I accept and make peace with 2015 being as much about the online as it is the offline, at least in relation to being able to hustle a living out of doing what it is that you love – and that a big part of the hustle is asking for, accepting, and in turn lending S U P P O R T .

I'm lucky to have been in this city for a decade; I'm lucky to have grown up adjacent. I have family and I have friends from whom I can ask for help, for ideas and for feedback. And it's been the last few years of working for myself that I've truly understood the power of a network – and that the word itself, network, doesn't need to have suit and tie and name tag connotations. It's a support system. It's a general feeling of we're all in it together. It's solution-oriented. It's a reward for making yourself uncomfortable by putting yourself out there and asking for help. It's a reward for offering answers when the person next to you puts themselves out on that same ledge. It's community over competition, and community implies responsibility.

But you know, well, I don't know. These are all just thoughts, little pieces of things that I've been kicking around for the last few weeks, and I felt like visuals from an evening of volunteering at the Capital Area Food Bank a few days ago (with a truly excellent group of women, led by my friends Ariel of Chaia, and Kirsten of the Capital Area Food Bank) might be an appropriate way to illustrate them. Because networking sounds mad heavy, but it oftentimes just means making time for IRL, for a cause or for coffee, with friends and with strangers.

A Creative DC x Maketto: IRL
a really excellent read from El Camino Travel
the Misfit Juicery manifesto
volunteer at the Capital Area Food Bank


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Blogger Monica's Bookish Life said...

I love this wonderful post, Morgan, and your beautiful photos! Have a great holiday weekend!

9:44 AM  
Blogger Panda Head said...

Monica, thank you so so much! You have a great weekend too <3

9:50 AM  
Blogger Sadie Cornelius said...

Yes great photos as always, love Misfit too!

10:36 AM  
Blogger RD Robertson said...

Looking so cute in your black maxi dress.

1:23 AM  
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Blogger Home Inspector Queenshome inspector long island said...

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11:30 AM  
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